Global Navigation Hell

Oh my, wth!  To this day I have to hold my head in disbelief!  Give me a wordpress site or Moodle LMS and this is a no brainer.  But why oh why did Microsoft think that not being able to have global navigation across sites was a good idea? I know someone will more than likely have some reason for it (yes, security across sites) but hey, do us mere mortals a favour, give us the option!

How did I get around it?  Well at first I tried managed navigation, but then soon realised I could only use the navigation set once! thanks for that then, you showed so much promise.  I basically created a xml file containing my navigation from my bootstrap theme, saved it in to a the style library in a folder called ‘code’. Next in my masterpage added a xml webpart pointing to my xml file.

UPDATE: I had to change this.  Now I’ve had to pull the code from the xml file and simply add it straight into my masterpage, so not global at all.  But since I ony have top level (plus sub sites) and my sites its no big deal.  I suspect this to be due to appFabric as I’ve just discovered I have to update it myself.


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