AppFabric Update to CU7

I’ve been getting what I thought was distributed cache errors on my SharePoint site.  If I try and open a dialog box to add an image or document to a content webpart, its blank.  This only happens on the top level site and not on a subsite that inherits the masterpage, pagelayout and permissions.  To me that simply wasnt logical for my little mind!  So a very long search led me to believe its distributed cache.  I thought that multiple calls to files on page load such as css and javascript files failing and giving me 401 errors was causing by this, so I conceeded an appFabric update was required.  I used a couple of sites as I was fully aware of the problems doing it wrong would cause.

How to patch SharePoint Distributed Cache the proper way

Now although appFabric needed upgrading, and to be fair, its now a skillset I’ve acquired, its not the cause. That I still havent sorted yet!  But I have discovered why there’s multiple calls and 401 errors.

As this link states, its due to NTLM, something we have running. First call is an anonymous call and really a 401 error is expected. Next call is a NTML call as the first one says do that next and expects a 401 first as its a challenge request, then you should get a 200 code. All expected behaviour apparently.

So the issue I started with persists but I now know why a double 401 error happens and also how to update appFabric the correct and safe way. Even if I did have an issue halve way through, a solution was found below in order to correct and restart it.

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